Social Networking Automation

Everyone knows that social networks allow groups of like-minded individuals to converse, exchange and share ideas with one another. They offer a targeted and captive audience for your message. Sourcers and recruiters know that smart use of social networks will provide a platform for the jobs and messaging that they need to get out to the rest of the world.

But with all of the available social networks out there, you can’t afford to waste time with set up and maintenance of your posts. Don’t overcompensate, just automate! There are tools that enable one message to be sent to many networks, which is a huge time-saver.

How to set it up:
By laying the foundation for your social network messaging, you can create a web of active and passive candidates that were previously unavailable to you. All you need is:

  1. Social networks like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo IM, Google+, Plaxo, etc. (setting these up once is worth it)
  2. The public link to the specific job on your careers page. We want to direct people here so that they apply through the job portal.
  3. A URL shortener like or – we want to post the link to your job, but use as few characters as possible.
  4. An automatic tool that links whichever social networks that you want to use for your mass postings – Yoono (a Firefox/Chrome add on), or Socialoomph, or Friendfeed (there are many more that do the same thing).

You need to be able to convey your message in 140 characters. This is actually easy to do. The best people in staffing do this all day long! The posting should have #hashtags related to the company or position. #hashtags are ways for users to find other similar posts by subject.

    1. Make sure you choose which networks you want your message to go out to.
    2. Grab the URL of the job that you are working on and shorten it!
    3. Create your short-text posting. Here is an example of one for a C++ storage developer:

Are you a C++ coding expert? Need an expert programmer for a leading storage company. #netpolarity #storage #jobs

  1. Make sure your posting is under 140 characters. A lot of social networking tools will show you this as you type. Yoono is one of them. Twitter is another, but there are many more.
  2. Use an automatic tool like Yoono, Socialoomph, Friendfeed, or any other to update your networking simultaneously.
  3. You can update all networks like Linkedin, Facebook, Yahoo IM, Gtalk, AIM, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. Or you can update selected ones only.
  4. You are now easily utilizing the power of multiple networks!

In Conclusion:

• By increasing the number of people that you connect with in your social networks, you create a larger audience to broadcast to.

• Browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome have many search tools and customizations that can help you – use them!!

• You don’t need paragraphs of information for your job. You just need enough to interest your audience so they click through to your posting.

• You only need to set up your posting tools once. After that, it’s as easy as updating your IM status (which EVERYONE does).

Don’t be afraid to use other tools and methods that are available to you. It is easy to dismiss new methods and hold on to the “tried and true” ones. But if you keep doing the same thing, then the future will pass you by…