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Post and pray is not a sourcing strategy

“I have a list of technical user groups and post my open positions, but I don’t get much of a reply.”

Hilarious, right? I take it back. If this is you, you probably don’t think it’s all that funny because you’re probably dealing with a very unhappy and unsympathetic hiring manager.

We’re here to help. Join us on Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 11am PST for an information-packed webinar on Sourcing Technical User Groups. (Click here to register.)

Everyone thinks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn when we say “social media,” completely forgetting that user groups have not only been around a lot longer than these communities, but that they are more useful than ever to recruiters, especially when sourcing for very specialized skillsets.
While recruiters still use these online communities in their search efforts, many don’t go beyond hope and pray — post requirements and pray for replies — with disappointing results.

In this webinar, netPolarity Sourcing Manager and MARS Head Instructor Mark Tortorici will shed light on technical user groups, and forums and show attendees how to actively mine these online communities using advanced sourcing tricks to make the most out of them, exponentially expanding your talent pool for passive and hard-to-reach candidates. We will focus on technology-specific user groups, diversity-related groups, and other technical groups & forums like Github and Stackoverflow.

Of course, in true Mark Tortorici fashion, we will also go through search string examples that you can immediately put to use after the webinar.



Free webinar: How to Manage Your Hiring Manager

Hiring managers are sometimes under-appreciated people. They have the stress of meeting headcount for a company, doing it within budget, and if they are involved in the development of a company’s product, their team still has to produce on time. Sometimes the stress of these things combined can affect the communication between the hiring manager and the staffing organization.

If this is an issue for your organization, you may want to register and attend our upcoming webinar: How to Manage Your Hiring Manager, which we are presenting for FREE via TLNT-ERE.

In this session, we will talk about the things that every recruiter, staffing manager, HR professional or sourcer can do to make the most of the little time that they have with the hiring manager, including a checklist of what they should be walking away with from a req meeting. We will talk about how to write the best job descriptions, how to ask the right questions from the hiring manager, and the best ways to target profiles.

We will also talk about what to do when you hit road blocks. There may be times when you have to pitch a different candidate profile to a hiring manager. We will talk about when and how this can be successfully done. And we will also discuss how to deal with a candidate pool that is well out of your budget range.

Again, this webinar is free. Register via ERE by clicking here. We look forward to “seeing” you at this webinar!